Baby Boomer Women - Learn To Make More Money for Your Retirement!

Are you among the 45% of baby boomer women who are living alone and wondering what retirement will be like for you?  Do you need to create additional income so that you can live a better retirement and have some fun?

Not having enough money as we age is scary . . . especially if you are single!

  • The one thing single baby boomer women desire most is lots of FRIENDS.
  • The second most important element for a good life is - MORE MONEY!
  • Stop listening to people saying you have to learn to live on less. LEARN TO CREATE MORE!
  • You can live the last part of your life with PURPOSE, INTENTION, CARE and GIVING.

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Where will you be in 5 Years?       Get Started Now.  Learn How!

Making a Living on Your Terms

Because we live longer in general and women outlive men by about 10 years, we may spend many of those years out of the workforce.  Now is the time for us single baby boomer women to take a look at what retirement really means to us.  Your retirement will look very different than your mothers did.  The internet is giving us so many opportunities to learn, plan and develop income that can serve us now and in our old age.

What do you expect when you retire?

Your retirement is imminent, but what will you do?  I've heard many ladies say, "I'll never be able to retire.  I'll have to work until I die".  What will you do if you are suddenly replaced on the job or you have no skills to get another job?  Or God forbid, you become too ill to work.  There are many avenues open to you today that were not available in your mothers time.  To make your retirement successful it is important for you to have a plan.

Use of Knowledge is Power in Action!

Women have a history of investing time and money helping and caring for others throughout life.  Maybe you've managed the family finances, taken care of parents or if you were married, you made sure your spouse and children had everything they needed.  Statistics tell us that for the first time more women who are living alone are divorced or widowed.  Are you among the 75% of baby boomer women who are not financially prepared for retirement?  It's time to Invest in yourself!

Yes, You can Do it!

It's time to get to the core of our problem.  Ask yourself 2 important questions:  "Why and What if?"  You must be willing to sacrifice the now for your tomorrow and be open to new methods.  Look at your retirement through binoculars of possibilities.  Don't put off until tomorrow what you can decide to do today.  I love this quote from Jack Welch

"Remain focused.  Controlling your destination is better than being controlled by it".

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