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boomer women connectWelcome to Boomer Women Connect!

This website is for baby boomer women who are either retired or planning to retire and you want to connect with other women, get ideas and find resources that will help you to create the retirement of your dreams.

Join us and make some new friends, plan some fun trips and learn how to make extra money without having to go out and get a part-time job. 

The focus is for members to learn how to build a more prosperous and happy retirement.  Maybe even meet some other women who love what you love.  You can also learn the details of how to share a home with other boomer women, living the "Golden Girls" lifestyle.  Learn how to start an online business and even find out where your volunteer efforts are most needed plus lots more. is a membership website only for women.

Women born between 1946 and 1976 are considered part of the baby boomer generation. Statistics tell us that a large percentage are currently single or will live many of their remaining years as a single woman.

Poverty or Prosperity?

It has been predicted that many single boomer women will live their later years in poverty. Taking action now, learning some new skills and finding the right connections can offer hope.

Whether you are widowed, separated, divorced, have always been single or you're married but want to make some new friends, learn how to make some extra money and more, we hope that you will join us and enrich your life with new connections.

Here's a look at what's inside:

The latest news and information that effects our quality of life.
A learning center offering lots of variety
Join our Travel Club.
Learn the details of living the "Golden Girl" lifestyle.
Starting a small business.
Online and offline ways to create extra income.
Advertising opportunities.
And lots more!


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